Peace Of Mind Over Money

Today, money has power when it comes to achieving success and obtaining wealth. This was just currency adopted after barter trade. But now it’s held with high standards to an extent that it’s determining our happiness. Apparently, money seems more important than our peace of mind. In this discussion we shall try to touch on some reasons why peace of mind is more important than money.

Contributing Factors

Research indicates that 40 percent of our happiness depends on our actions. 50 percent is determined by our genes and the remaining 10 percent is through uncontrollable factors. We have a whole 40 percent to work on and there is no point in allocating that part to money. There are many activities you can do as an individual to induce happiness like physical exercise.

Nothing Lasts Forever

We should learn that we among other things are not here to stay forever. It’s time we let in things that give us peace of mind before end of time. Life is not infinite and everything needs to be done now. Work on your dreams and stay positive no matter what. There is no point on feeling bad due to being broke or hurt. Pick yourself up and move for time is ticking. Take care of situations within your reach and hold your head up. Make everything last no matter how small it may appear.

Peace of mind will rescue you from any situation.

Accept the Outcome

In order to achieve peace of mind we need to accept results as they come. Let’s commend ourselves when we do well and encourage ourselves as well, when things turn out the other way. Let us not be greed about wealth and money. These are things which are more temporary than our lives. Too much greed and expectations on money and wealth robs us of inner peace. There are many things which you can turn to even when your pockets are empty.

Tithing and Volunteering

Making offerings to God and helping other people brings peace of mind. Helping others indicates that human life is equally as important regardless of our financial status. Leveling human status by volunteering and tithing brings happiness. There is no need to keep to yourself all material possessions which come and go. Offering a hand to each other will promote harmony and happiness within ourselves.

Money Goes

One characteristic of money is that is always fleeing away. Why hold something which comes and goes? It will simply hurt you when you miss it. This will cause inner turmoil thus robbing you peace of mind. We have seen wealthy individuals and organizations declare bankruptcy. Sometimes it even affects the whole society where the value of money goes down, also known as inflation. Your peace of mind is priceless and can bail you out from any problem anytime.

Importance of Dreams

Dreams keep us alive and going. Just live your dream instead of trying to leave like others. Pursuing something meaningful in your life brings happiness even if you have no money. Don’t wake up lamenting on your financial situation. Concentrate in the step you are making. At some point you will look back and realize that today is better than yesterday. Keep chasing you dreams and get up every time you fall. Stop living other peoples dream because it robs you peace of mind. Do something which is meaningful and avoid things that can cause you to self-destruct.

Paper Chase Is a Rat Race

Chasing after money is very mediocre. Even rich people realize money after achieving their dreams. Money is always secondary to important things that matter in your life. People chess after material things like money, luxury cars, expensive phones and more just to keep a certain status. Greatness based on money is like building a house of sand which will eventually crumble. People are remembered for things they did not their wealth. Even wealthy businessmen like J.P. Morgan gave out their wealth to make the society better like building libraries. There is no point in piling riches and spending time feeling depressed when broke. Stop the rat chase and focus on important things. Eventually money will be realized as something secondary.


Take care of things that matter in your life like family and friends. Make sure all things are done unconditionally with regards to wealth. Happiness comes from within. Focus on your dreams and appreciate every step you make. Learn to live in moment because nothing lasts forever. Money and other material possessions are just temporary ways of achieving happiness.

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