Stop worrying about material things. True happiness and inner peace comes from within. Money, fame and other material possessions may bring happiness but its only temporary. Happiness and peace comes through things you love like hobbies, family and more. Peace is not dependent on status, material possessions or circumstances. You just need to do small and simple things to be happy.

Be Positive

Develop a positive attitude towards life. Think of solutions rather than problems. Choose to expect success instead of failure. Stop thinking about things that went wrong in the past. Use them for learning and make the present better. A positive attitude allows you to feel happy, peaceful and light.

Take Action

Don’t just accept your circumstances, do something about the situation you are in. Be a doer and challenge yourself. Get that relationship, money or family that you always wanted today. Do what you love and get back up every time you fall. Doing what you love guarantees happiness and peace of mind.


Sherril Trent

My Tip: People are always worried about loosing of what they have like marriages, jobs and material possessions. Learn to enjoy having these things and think of how to make them better. There is also a tendency to feel incapable when seeking things out there. You will get nothing by dwelling on your fears and worries. You will only experience internal turmoil all the times. Stop tolerating negative thoughts. What you fear might not happen, even if it does your worrying won't help. Only positive thinking and action is constructive.

My Philosophy

Get rid of things that you don’t like or benefit from. We let many wasteful things occupy our minds and take our energy. Take care of things that are important to your life. These can be getting a new job a new apartment or better relationships. Make these changes your life projects and work on them. You will find yourself satisfied and happy after making these changes.

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