Conditioning Your Brain

Conditioning Your Brain to Happiness and Peace of Mind

Direct Your Thoughts

The ability to shape your brain and life lies in directing your attention. Stop thinking about negative things. Avoid taking critics seriously. They make your mind anxious, reactive and vulnerable. If you focus on beauty and gratitude your mind becomes calm and peaceful. Be mindful of what you focus on. Spend less time thinking of your past and future. Gauge what you are doing and determine how it will benefit you.

Avoid Negative Information

Make sure your brain consumes good and healthy things. The brain scans for content in your brain fixate and react. If you have negative junk anxiety, depression and stress sets in. Remind yourself of positive experiences all the time. Take note of all positive things that happen in your life everyday. Reflect on every positive thing that happened during the day. This will nourish your mind and develop peace and happiness.

Learn to respond mindfully throughout the day.

Love Yourself and Others

Self-compassion is a pillar to resilience and self worth. You should love yourself first before doing the same to others. If you are triggered by external experiences validate them internally before reacting. Do something about how you feel about yourself or the other person. Let your friend know when they hurt your feelings. Also, remember to appreciate others and apologize when you are wrong.

Just Relax

There are many ingredients of stress in these modern times. We encounter many physical, mental and emotional breeders of stress. They attack both our mind, nervous system and behavior. Develop a habit of cooling down by breathing deeply. Take a break from what you are doing to avoid emotional and mental overload.

Natural Happiness

Just allow yourself to be peaceful, happy and loving. It is the easiest and least expensive thing to do. Fear and anger makes the brain more reactive. Don’t allow yourself to be threatened. Stop doubting yourself whenever you set out to do anything. Stay positive even if you loose something. You have a choice to react the right way when things go wrong. Don’t take anything too personal. Understand that its in human nature to make mistakes.

Seek out to be happy today and keep away from negative energy. Make positive affirmations to yourself. Direct your thoughts to positive things in your daily life. Stop worrying or fearing and meet things head on. Love yourself first and others too. This brings both internal and external peace. Take time to relax and react positively to things that happen in your life.