Finding Peace of Mind

Simple Ways of Finding Peace of Mind

As humans we have a tendency to build up anger within after being irritated by something or someone. These instances include child misbehavior, betrayal in relationships and untrustworthy friends. It’s normal to feel angry but sometimes we are too angry to a point of self-destruction. Simple things like being cut out of traffic can rob you peace of mind if not handled well. One of the best secrets to peace of mind is considering the glass as already broken. The main source of stress, irritation and anger is when things don’t go the way you like. The best thing is to expect things to go wrong, give your best and accept anything afterwards.

Lower the Bar

Avoid being over ambitious in all your endeavors. Always expect things to go wrong since nothing is guaranteed. This understanding will keep you calm when things go south. Consider life like a game, sometimes we loose, sometimes we win. Enjoy the adventure, whether things out go or bad, at least you enjoyed the ride. Consider your future as a glass, something which will break eventually. This way you won’t feel angry or stressed when things go wrong. Expect your friend not to reciprocate, your child to mess up or people to be rude at you.

Live in the Moment

Make the best of each moment because nothing lasts forever. Enjoy each moment you have for tomorrow is uncertain. This gives some satisfaction when things go wrong. At least you had fun and gave your best. The main things that rob us peace of mind are desire and fear. We feel unhappy for not having things like relationships. Once we have them, we fear loosing them. We need to stop worrying and live at the present. Make sure you give the best in the relationship you are currently without worrying how things will turn out tomorrow. Stop worrying about loosing that car and drive it. When that relationship ends or that car is stolen or that job ends ,don’t be too hard on yourself. Even human life itself does not last forever. So don’t be stressed with things whose worth is less than your life.

Always expect the worse and hope for the best.


We spent a lot of time and energy contemplating and snapping on things that are beyond our control. Some things like poor weather are things that rob our piece of mind for nothing. Learn to accept that there are things you can’t change. If you expect these things to happen then you wont become mad when they happen. This helps in calming your thoughts and emotions. Things like loosing your loved ones are painful but there is nothing you can do about it. Accept and move on with life.


Learn to consider everything as a welcome surprise. This way, you wont feel angry or stressed when things go wrong. Live in the moment and stop worrying about loosing what you have. Lastly, learn to accept things which you cant change. Peace of mind is easy to achieve, just stop being too hard on yourself.